Marmora Pumped Storage

Marmora Pumped Storage Hydro
Marmora Pumped Storage Hydro
Marmora, Ontario Canada 
Energy source:
Type of facility:
Pumped Storage
In development
Expected to Open:
400 MW
  • Pumped storage is a proven concept used worldwide
  • Strong community support
  • Project is located on privately-held land near Peterborough Ontario
  • Closed-loop configuration combines an existing open pit mine and new upper reservoir
  • Combination electric pumps/generators will use off-peak power to pump water up into the reservoir and then release it back down into the mine during on-peak periods to generate electricity
  • Designed average head of 140 metres produces an average of 400 MW of generated power over 5 hours
  • Time-shifts power to support renewable energy sources and grid demand patterns
  • Main equipment is Francis combination pumps/generators
  • Northland is developer, construction manager, owner, operations manager
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